April 10, 2009



Life Ramblings

this is simply amazing. my kids are gonna love this.


I wonder if it's well reinforced to at least hold a baby? I can just imagine kids wanting to climb up and try sitting on that motorbike Lego. Btw, how many kids do you have? Do they play alot of legos?

Life Ramblings

Hi Ayie,
i've 3 'teletubbies' age 2, 9 & 13.

my kids used to be a fan of LEGO. they really enjoy creating new things with them, but what I don’t like is finding them all over the house.


Oh that's great...I'm so envious! I want to have one really soon. You look so young still and yet you have 3 cuties already! That's the amount you pay for the joy they give you....and the lego they give them. Mom has to do the cleaning most times.

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